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CAPP International offers certified personal property appraisals in Portland, Oregon.

I have valuated many types of assets:

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medical & Dental
  • Construction (Plumbing, Electrical, Building, Landscaping, ect.)
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Logging Saw Mill and Paper Mill
  • Aircraft Fixed Wing and Rotor
  • Welding and Machine Shop
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Delis
  • Game Stores, Furniture Stores, Heath Related Stores
  • Automotive Dealerships, Auto Collections

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About Us

Dan Ewert

No matter what your asset package consists of, there is a good chance that Appraiser Dan Ewert has touched the application in some way. Either in a practical hands on way over the years or though another client's asset group.

With Dan’s training, experience, and diversified background in many different areas, he can give you a real-time asset valuation that can be used by lending institutions, company mergers, company down sizing, and asset consolidation.